• Frisch is a water heater brand developed by Rihitech Company – A member of Ricons Group – A leading construction general contractor in Vietnam.
  • Frisch, a water heater brand of Vietnam, which is proud to introduce Wifi technology-integrated water heaters for customers at home and abroad. Our engineers are responsible for designing, managing quality, integrating technology and completing products.


  • Provide a 06-year warranty for the steel tank and case.
  • Provide 01-year warranty for spare parts and apply exchanging 1 for 1
  • Provide consulting and customer services 24/7
  • Provide maximum support for users during the usage, operation and installation

Frisch – the best choice for you

With the presence across the globe and the insights in consumers’ needs, FRISCH always receives customers’ trust. With a long-term experienced staff in construction and electromechanics, Frisch is confident to fully meet customers’ needs for a water heater. Besides, the breakthroughs in studying and applying technology 4.0 into Frisch’s home appliances will be also a valuable choice for technology lovers and target to smart home trends today.

Outstanding performance

Breakthrough experience

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