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- Before installing and using Frisch water heaters, please read the full manual carefully

- Before opening cover of the device or clean, repair, please plug off.

- Children must be supervised when using the device

- When power cord or spare parts are damaged, please contact the supplier for replacement and avoid replacing spare parts from other sources

- The pressure reducing exhaust pipe of the device must be connected to outside

- Pressure absorber must be operated and checked regularly to remove debris and confirm it is not blocked

- The device should be installed by a standard electrician and plumber.

- For easy installation, please assure that the distance around the place for installing the device (50mm for ceiling, 500mm for two sides and at least 1.8m for floor).

- Ensure sufficient devices and equipment before installing the device

  • Drill, wall bits, screwdriver and wrench sets
  • 2 flexible metal pipes for water in and out of the device
  • Pvc pipe

- Prepare wall for installing the device

  • In case the brick wall is empty
    • Drill a deep-enough hole to mount the rack on the wall (minimum depth of 100mm)
    • Fill the bore holes with concrete
    • Ensure that concrete is placed properly
    • Then, fix the wall-mounted frame with the bolts provided together with the device
  • In case of solid wall
    • Drill a hole on the wall
    • Install bolts and screw nut into the borehole
    • Fix with the bolts and check until it is firm

- After fixing the bolts, strongly pull the water heater down and ensure that the two racks are held in the proper position

- Do not install where there is direct sunlight

Video hướng dẫn

Step 1: Activate wifi for Frisch machine by pressing the remote 4 times. Watch the clip next to it.

Step 2: Click the "+" on the main screen, then continue to click "Quick Connect"

Step 3: Input the wifi password that you want to use for Frisch device (default, the application will receive wifi that your mobile device is connected)

Step 4: Switch the wifi of your currently-used mobile device into wifi of Frisch to connect (Wifi of Frisch device is often in the form FRISCHxxx-yyyy).

Step 5: Name Frisch device and complete the connection.

Video tutorial

- To perform functions, such as resetting wifi, connecting the application with the device, etc., we need to bring the device to the wifi broadcasting status. Normally, when purchasing the device, it is already in the wifi-broadcasting status, or when losing wifi connection, the device will also automatically return to the wifi broadcasting status.

- In case the device cannot return to the wifi broadcasting status or cannot find wifi FRISCHxxx-yyyy in the wifi list, we can perform the following actions to bring the device back to the broadcasting status.

Method 1: Use remote (recommended)

Method 2 Use button in the device (not recommended)


Remote accompanied by the device

Specialized tools to open the case of the device


- Press the on/off button for 4 continuous times and evenly.

- Use mobile and scan wifi continuously.

- End the process if wifi in the form of FRISCHxxx-yyyy appears on the mobile.

- Open the device case

- Press the black physical button on the white control box for 4 continuous times and evenly.

- Use the mobile and scan for wifi continuously.

- End the process if wifi in the form of FRISCHxxx-yyyy appears on the mobile.

- When using the water heater, in some cases where your wifi encounters problems and have to be repaired, or simply you want to change the password for your wifi. In those cases, you need to reset the wifi for your water heater.

- At first, you need to turn back the device to the wifi-broadcasting status (See instruction below).

- After turning back the device to wifi-broadcasting status, there are two ways to change wifi for Frisch device.

Method 1: Use the application.

Step 1: Remove the old device in the application.

Step 2: After removing, add the device into the application according to the instruction on adding the device into the application for the first time.

Method 2: Use the built-in program of Frisch device.

Step 1: Connect to wifi generated by Frisch device.

- You will be navigated to the following screen

Step 2: Click vào Scan for wifi networks.

Step 3: Select the wifi to be connected in the displayed wifi list.

Step 4: Input password for wifi on the AP Password box.

Step 5: Click Save after inputting.

- If being navigated to a similar page below, you have reset wifi for Frisch device successfully.

Usage and notes

1. Please press the button “ON/BẬT” to turn the device on.

2. The product is very convenient, you only need to put your hands in to dry and take your hands out to stop drying.

Dry one hand effectively and quickly

Refer to the manipulations below

1. Put your hands down, straighten your fingers, reach into the area below the air outlet until your fingers are close to the wall.

2. When air/wind comes out, please put your hands in and out slowly for many times.

- The closer your hands reach the air outlet, the faster your hands will dry.

- Pay attention that different drying operations may cause water splashes.

3. Then lift your hands up, put your hands in and reach slowly for many times.

4. Rub hands together for the last time.

- The device will be turned off automatically after opening for 60 consecutive seconds. Please put your hands out, then continue to put your hands in, the device will start automatically.
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